Kaari Selven is a nature-inspired artist currently based in Portland, OR. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Kaari's work is inspired by a childhood exploring the glorious Pacific Northwest. In her 20's, Kaari lived in numerous towns and cities on the west coast including Tacoma, Seattle, McMinnville, and Sitka. Each of these green, natural environments inspire her work.

     Through her art, Kaari expresses the delight and magic of the great outdoors and illustrates the beautiful, but complex relationship humans have with nature. She has found her art speaks to those with an identity rooted in adventure, exploration and a sense of wonder for the earth. The themes of personal growth, identity and what defines "home" continually emerge in Kaari's body of work.

     You can identify Kaari's work by a captivating amount of detail, precise linework, and high-contrast between black and white. Recently, she has begun incorporating pops of color and a natural color palette into her drawings. 

If you’re wondering how to pronounce "Kaari", that is a fairly common inquiry. It rhymes with sorry, or better yet, Ferrari! 


     I recently rebranded my creative small-business to Kaari & Co. (formerly Art by Kaari). When I picked the name "Art by Kaari", I had just started my art business. I was in my early 20's and fresh out of college; I didn't have a clear creative (or entrepreneurial vision) but I knew I wanted to create every day and share my art with the world.

Much has changed since then. Key values have emerged as being important to me as a person, an artist and an independent business-owner. I made the decision to change my business name to reflect these new developments. 

The new name signals a commitment to a business that goes beyond sharing my art with the world. With Kaari + Co, I am committing to production and packaging with quality and sustainability as a paramount value. Furthermore, I will continue to dedicate my work and business to lifting up the ecosystem that makes it possible for creatives and small-businesses to thrive. 

At heart, I still feel like a little girl with a big artistic dream. That girl with continue to lead the way for the future I have planned for my art business.