let's work together

It's a pleasure for me to work with fellow business owners and creatives to create custom art for your brand! I am known for my black and white linework with a range of detail levels and an emphasis on nature-inspired imagery. Custom art + design for apparel, book covers, album art or illustration for product branding are just a few my specialties.
Email is the best way to reach me with your proposed idea: hello@kaariandco.com
Pricing varies upon the scope of the project or collaboration. I will provide a price and time quote after collecting necessary information and determining the scope of the project.
To get an idea of price range, please see the minimums below. These are pricing guidelines for typical work and will vary immensely based on scope. Please get in touch for an accurate quote.
  • Custom artwork minimum: $500
  • Any custom work to be reproduced for business, branding, or commercial use minimum: $750
  • Licensing existing work for commercial use minimum: $350
Please note: Projects that necessitate a lead time under 45 days could be subject to a rush fee.
More information:
If you are looking to get in touch regarding a business collaboration, it will speed up the process to include this information in your first email:
  • About you: a brief overview of you and/or your business. Website and social media links encouraged
  • Your vision : a succinct description of the proposed work
  • Please specify if you are looking for custom artwork or licensing existing work. If you are looking for existing work, please include which drawings and the proposed use(s)
  • Time restraints or date-specific conditions
Email hello@kaariandco.com with this information and I will get back to you shortly.
For wholesale inquiries, click here
Please note, I do not currently do:
  • custom tattoo designs
  • logos
  • portraits
  • work for no pay (i.e. payment in the form of exposure, promised future sales, trades, etc.)