Framed Mushroom House Limited Edition Print and Reclaimed Wood Frame Frame

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Limited Run "Mushroom House" Art Prints. Printed on a natural paper with an earthy color palette and a semi-smooth, matte finish. The paper has tiny flecks that enhance and compliment the artwork.

Choose between 8" x 10 or 5"x 7" print size. This print run is tiny - only 6 framed prints of each size are available plus a few unframed prints.

Featuring beautiful, wood frames made by hand by local artisans using locally sourced reclaimed wood. Complete with glass, MDF backing with branded logo, and sawtooth hooks for easy hanging. Each frame is authentically weathered and will vary from photo in wood color and texture.

Shipping: Items will ship out in 2-5 business days using USPS First Class Mail. Packaging materials are recycled from local shops and community members.